Social media is becoming a useful platform for Lakeland Power to communicate with customers. Tuesday morning held the company’s first ever ‘Facebook live’ event with hopes to educate their clients on current services, future projects, and how billing works.

Operations Manager Brian Elliott started off the presentation providing a slideshow on current topics for 2018 including tree-trimming, pole replacement, and transformer projects for the area.

Conservation and Demand Administrator Marjorie MacDonald participated in the live event reminding customers of energy efficiency incentives. She said through the Green Ontario Fund, Lakeland Power is able to accommodate Smart Thermostat rebates for clients.

MacDonald continued to discuss other initiatives through Lakeland Power like the Home Assistance Program.

Customer service manager, Sharon Shipton also went live and broke down how residential billing works and how rates are determined.

In case you missed the Facebook Live event and would like to see the full presentation from Lakeland Power, you can watch the video here.