Leashing your dog is the best way to keep your pet, and your neighbourhood, safe. Huntsville’s Chief Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Andrew Stillar, says you can use a leash, chain, invisible fence or whatever works best to keep your dog on your property. And, he says that’s required under the town bylaw.

That way, your dog is less likely to run up or jump on people, ensuring safety on both sides. When a dog has bitten a person or another pet, bylaw can order the dog be muzzled. At that point, it can go to court under the Ontario Dog Owners’ Liability Act, where a final decision on muzzling, leashing or warning signs is made.

Stillar also notes the number of loose dog complaints is on the decline. The town added a specialized dog tag in 2013, dropping the number of calls from 130 in 2012 to an average of 65 calls now. Stillar says having a dog tag is required under the town bylaw.

Stillar says it’s important your dog has a tag because if it ever runs away, a tag is the quickest, easiest and safest way to get it home. Annual dog tags cost $11 and lifetime tags cost $33. Service dogs get free tags. You can buy them at town hall, the Canada Summit Centre, Pet Valu or any vet’s office.

Stillar says when the bylaw office gets a call about a loose dog, an officer will have a chat with the owner.

There’s a $150 fine for allowing your dog to run loose in public as well as not restraining your dog in public.


The various fines for breaking pet bylaws