Your pets need to be protected from the arctic cold in Muskoka.

The Ontario SPCA says dogs and cats aren’t built to handle the extreme temperatures Muskoka is experiencing.  Officials say if the temperature is too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pet as well. If you’re letting your pet outside for bathroom breaks or a walk make sure they aren’t out for too long. Pet owners with short-haired dogs might want to consider buying a specialized sweater for their animals. The OSPCA says it’s best to always keep animals indoors during these frigid months, but if you’re leaving a dog or cat outside you have to make sure they have access to food, water, and a warm shelter.

Pets are also in danger of getting hypothermia if they’re left in a car for too long. OSPCA officials say cars hold in cold and your dog or cat can quickly freeze to death if you leave them locked inside.

You can be charged and fined by the OSCPA if you aren’t properly taking care of your animal. If you see an animal in distress this winter please call the OSPCA at 310-7722.