A bus transit service in Gravenhurst might not be what the community needs.

This is the conclusion town officials have after reviewing the ridership numbers for The Loop transit project in the community. Gravenhurst ran the service using the Highway 11 Corridor bus a few times a week when it wasn’t being used by the district. Officials were testing new ways to offer alternate transportation for residents that might not have their own vehicles.

When the service started in July, the bus ran 12 times and had an average ridership of four people during the month. But, by October the ridership dropped. The bus ran 13 times that month and only had an average of two riders. The majority of riders were seniors who couldn’t drive themselves around the community. Town officials say this pilot project shows a bus transit service may not work for Gravenhurst.

Town council will be reviewing these results and discussing the next options during a meeting tomorrow afternoon at five.