You’re invited to travel back in time this Christmas in Muskoka.

For the 25th year, Trek to Bethlehem will take over the streets of Bala for the holiday season. Organizer Pat Gidley says they’re excited to retell the story of the birth of Christ through this interactive tour. She says the journey through time starts at the Bala Community Centre.

From there you’ll be led through the streets of Bala meeting many biblical characters along the way like Roman Soldiers, wise men and angels. At the end of your journey, you’ll get to meet Mary and Joseph at the manger where Christ was born. Each tour runs for about 20 minutes.

Gidley says each year it takes a lot of volunteer work to help bring the trek to life. She says the community always comes together to support this event.

The trek doesn’t cost anything, but Gidley says any donations are welcome to help pay for costumes and set design. You can take your own Trek to Bethlehem Saturday night between six and 8:30 at the Bala Community Centre.