Winter weather is on the way to Muskoka this weekend.

Environment Canada is tracking a storm moving into the district Friday night. The storm will start out as rain but change to snow on Saturday with a chance of freezing rain in South Muskoka. Huntsville could get hit harder though, with up to 20cm of snow possible by Sunday.

Meteorologist Geoff Coulson says a bigger snowstorm is coming off Georgian Bay Sunday night, but Barrie and Orillia will act as a buffer for Muskoka.

Muskoka may be in for more in the next few weeks. Coulson says lake effect snow is expected to crop up throughout November. He says in the past these types of storms have hit Muskoka with 30cm of snow or higher.

The MyMuskokaNow newsroom will keep you updated on potential winter storms that could be targeting our district.