He’s covered in bug bites, but Murphy the golden retriever is home safe after a two-and-a-half week ordeal in the woods. The nine month old dog went missing from his owner’s seasonal Caribou Lodge Road residence and hadn’t been seen since. Last night he was found just after 9pm on Prospect Lake Road. Owner Sharon Edwards is ecstatic. She says Murphy was first spotted on Highway 118 East by a woman who was staying at Caribou Lodge who had seen one of the missing dog posters. The dog didn’t respond to calls, but a search party jumped into action and he was found later by a young girl on Prospect Lake Road. Edwards wants to thank all who helped in the search and the community of Prospect Lake as well for last night’s search effort. She also thanked the Moose for keeping the story on the air and social media and for passing along tips. Edwards says Murphy is really skinny at present, but he’s now eating and safe at home in the city.