The last couple of roads that were closed due to heavy rain are now open. Huntsville officials say Deerhurst Drive to Canal Road is reopen, which had been closed to traffic since the heavy rain storm on August 22nd. There was also some work happening on Lone Pine Drive, which has been reopened as well.

Town officials say over 100 millimetres of rain fell in the area during the heavy rain and many roads were closed, including parts of Highway 60, because of washouts. The town says all of the damage is going to cost around $700,000 to fix and has been in talks with the provincial government to see if any funding will be made available.

Home owners with property damage are urged to go through their insurance company, as well as fill out an online impact survey. The results from that survey will be passed on to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, which will then decide if provincial funding will be made available for residents.