A Huntsville man is one of 15 YouTubers from across Canada to win a new challenge put on the video sharing service. Jeremy Rupke applied for the NextUp challenge, winning a spot in a week-long camp in Toronto, to learn more about shooting and editing.

Rupke says he also gets a $3,200 voucher to upgrade his camera gear. He says a lot of what happens in hockey happens really fast, which can be tough to learn, especially for visual learners. So to help make it easier, he wants to be able to shoot in slow motion, which requires a certain type of camera. Rupke says he’s also going to look at getting a drone for aerial footage.

Rupke says the goal of his page, called How to Hockey, is to help anyone, anywhere, learn the game. His original plan was to only make a few videos, but once he started, the requests for more started rolling in. So, he says whenever he had time he would make more.

A year later, How to Hockey is Rupke’s full time job. His page has almost 70,000 subscribers, with almost 10 million total views. He notes less and less people are signing up for hockey, and one big reason is because of the cost of the game. He says it’s really hard to get better if you don’t have ice time, and so his page aims to make improving skills as accessible as possible.

Check out Rupke’s videos, and his training program, online at How to Hockey.