Huntsville is hosting a public meeting tomorrow to hear some input from the community about the Muskoka Heritage Place. Kari Lambe, Huntsville’s Community Services Director, says a consulting company is working with the town to do an overall review of the centre. Lord Cultural Resources will be looking to hear from the community, to hear some opinions about its future.

Lambe says that could mean highlighting the history of the Heritage Centre, which parts of it should be maintained, and what the opportunities are moving forward. She says the big thing is maintaining the town’s history, and then building on it.

Lambe says the town doesn’t necessarily want to change what’s already at the Heritage Centre, but wants to look at ways to make better use of it. She says they are looking at how to get more people through the doors to hear the story of Huntsville.

On top of that, Lambe says they are looking at the seasonality of the centre, to decide if it should be year-round. They’re also looking at if it should be open for private events, weddings, or corporate groups, while still getting families through the doors.

The entire consultation process is being funded by the Ontario Trillium Fund. Lord Cultural Resources is expected to bring an interim report to council in February or March, with the final report outlining some options released in June.

It’s all happening on Thursday night at 7:00pm at the Active Living Centre. The public is welcome to attend, give their input, and take part in an open house.