The decision on what will happen to acute care in Huntsville is next week. Former councillor Tim Withey says there is an open letter to Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC).

The letter criticizes MAHC’s Planning for 2030 and Beyond plan. Withey says it’s is too far out. He says he was surprised about how the options on future healthcare were presented at recent consultations.

The MAHC board will hear from the steering committee on Thursday, May 14 on which of the options they recommend.

The options being presented to the board include moving surgical service to one hospital, building a brand new facility to service all of Muskoka or to keep both acute care sites open. Withey says if they make a decision other than the two acute care sites, it could have an immediate effect on the current community.

To read a copy of the letter click Open Letter To MAHC.