The replacement of Bracebridge’s Kelvin Grove Park wharf has begun and it won’t finish until June. In April 2013, Bracebridge experienced a 1 in 100 year flood event. The flood water elevations and swift currents caused damage to the wharf which is downstream of the Bracebridge Falls. An underwater CCTV and visual inspection confirmed the wharf is in poor condition and in need of reconstruction and major repair. Garden Grove Landscaping lnc., on behalf of the Town, will be replacing Kelvin Grove Park Wharf.

The reconstruction portion of the project will include removal of the existing wood and steel wharf. New construction of the wharf will entail a steel pile dock structure, lighting improvements, removal and reinstatement of various signs and displays, and general restoration. Landscaping Construction access will be from Shaw Street and it is scheduled to reach completion by June 1st. Construction will not impede access to the boat launch on Shaw Street or the Kelvin Grove Park playground. However, the pathway along the south side, shoreline of Bracebridge Bay will be closed.