Buying a cookie at Tim Hortons in the next week will support seniors, hospice care, and crisis work in Muskoka.

From September 13th to 19th, the annual Smile Cookie Campaign allows residents to support local charities by purchasing chocolate chip cookies bearing smiley faces at Tim Hortons. All proceeds from sales of the “Smile Cookies” will go directly to the charities.

In Huntsville, the three locations of the chain are supporting Muskoka Seniors, an organization focused on helping senior citizens in the area. The money will fund programs such as meal deliveries, visiting and telephone check-ins, luncheon socials, transportation, and helping seniors do their income tax.

It’s the first time the organization has been chosen for the campaign, according to Muskoka Seniors Executive Director Jenn Pfrimmer. She says they’re buzzing with excitement.

“We are really excited for the ongoing support of both our community to gather together, for our businesses, to support their staff or support other businesses, and just bring a smile to everyone’s faces,” says Pfrimmer. “There’s been a lot of hard times over the last couple of years, and there’s nothing better than spreading a smile.”

The two locations in Bracebridge support Andy’s House, a residential palliative care facility run by Hospice Muskoka. Enid Wray, Executive Assistant at Hospice Muskoka, says the campaign is a first for Andy’s House, although Hospice Muskoka has been a recipient in the past. Wray says that beyond the money, the campaign does wonders for awareness.

“It’s great to get the message out there about the services that Hospice provides, Andy’s House in particular, and what a palliative care residence is, what it offers to the community,” says Wray. “Hopefully with people that are looking for volunteer opportunities, things to do to give back, maybe this will pique some interest.”

In Gravenhurst, the two Tim Hortons support Muskoka Victim Services (MVS). The organization “provides emotional and practical support to victims of crime and tragic circumstance,” as well as a 24/7 crisis response service, according to MVS Executive Director Eva Zachary.

“We are a non-profit, and our operations are funded through the Ministry of the Attorney General, but all our direct client service needs are funded through donation,” says Zachary. “As our demand increases, so does our donation income [needs], so every effort that our community makes is greatly appreciated.”

If you’d like to pre-order cookies for a given day, reach out to the organization supported by the Tim Hortons you’re visiting.