The Ministry of Natural Resources has told the Town of Huntsville that a flood warning still remains in effect. Warmer temperatures and rain are expected over the weekend. This could increase water flows that can lead to water levels rising in flood prone areas. The Big East River has stabilized and is decreasing while the downtown area will continue to rise over the next 24 hours.

* Residents living in flood areas need to be vigilant in monitoring water conditions.
* Residents who are considering returning to their homes are encouraged to visit the Town’s website for information on cleaning up after a flood.
* There are road closures throughout the area. Public Works crews will continue to monitor all roadways. Currently, Old North Road is closed.
* Residents are encouraged to monitor for an up to date list of road closures.
* The Town of Huntsville’s Emergency Control Group will continue to meet throughout the weekend and will continue to monitor the situation.

Parents and guardians are advised to remind children to stay clear of open water, creeks and rivers.