Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation has extended Muskoka’s transportation funding for another two years, with a grant of more than $260,000. 

Transportation Network Coordinator Sydney Piatkowski says the money is used to fund bus routes throughout the District.

“We anticipate that the funding will allow us to continue our Community Transportation Plan, which includes our Corridor 11 bus service and our Rural and Community Connection bus service,” says Piatkowski. “Routes connect smaller communities in Muskoka with our larger town centres.” 

Buses for the Rural and Community Connection run between MacTier and Huntsville on Tuesdays, and between Midland and Bracebridge on Thursdays. Corridor 11 buses travel between Huntsville and Orillia, Monday through Friday. 

The District was given $674,382 in 2018, to be used until 2023. The extension to 2025 allocates an additional $265,051.

“Transit seems to be a really hot topic right now,” says Piatkowski. “We’re excited because that means there’s more options to connect our communities, reduce isolation, provide those vital services.” 

On top of the MTO grant, Piatkowski says the District has applied for transportation funding from several sources.

“We’ve also applied for funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, that would allow us to increase service on our Rural and Community Connection bus routes,” says Piatkowski. “We’re still waiting for a funding decision from them, but there are certainly lots of opportunities coming forward.” 

For more information on bus routes and stops, visit the District of Muskoka website.