Swan being treated at Solitudes Wildlife Rehab Centre after a lead pellet was found in its gizzard. (Photo By: Christine Kemper)

Huntsville residents rescue a swan with a pellet in its gizzard. After being stranded and injured for over eight days on Fairy Lake, Christine Kemper and a group were able to capture the swan on Saturday.

Kemper took the bird to the vet in Barrie. Vets saw the pellet through an x-ray and have also been treating it for fungal and bacterial infection and dehydration. Kemper says it will be at the Solitudes Wildlife Rehab Centre for about a month, as vets work on getting the pellet to pass thorough its system.

She says the pellet came from a fishing line and it could have killed the swan had they not got it to the vet in time. Kemper has worked with animals for years and says lead poisoning is one of the leading factors in Trumpeter swan deaths.

She says if it survives, it will likely be taken to Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre in Midland.