The driver of the second boat in the 2019 fatal crash involving Linda O’Leary and her husband businessman Kevin O’Leary has been convicted of not exhibiting a navigation light.

According to CBC, 57-year-old Richard Ruh of Orchard Park, New York was charged in connection to the crash that happened on August 24th on Lake Joseph and killed two people.

Originally, Ruh had decided to go to trial, but CBC says he opted not to in September 2020.

The outlet reports a conviction was entered on September 15th and Ruh was fined $150 with a surcharge of $30.

Ruh’s lawyer Mark Sandler was quoted as saying while he didn’t contest the matter, it isn’t an admission of guilt.

Linda O’Leary was driving the other boat involved in the crash. She’s been charged with careless operation of a vessel under the Canada Shipping Act, but her trial isn’t scheduled to start until June in Parry Sound.