A youth made “concerning comments” and was spotted with a weapon Wednesday, which caused Bracebridge and Gravenhurst High Schools to go into a hold and secure.

Constable Samantha Bigley says one person is in custody but did not confirm if others were involved. She tells the MyMuskokaNow.com newsroom the youth in question was arrested at gunpoint at Bracebridge High School.

“There was a strong officer presence at both schools trying to determine where this person was,” she says.

She didn’t release information on what was said, but “at this moment” isn’t sure whether what was said was done online or in-person.

Bigley says it was a school administrator that called police. A hold and secure was put in place immediately at both schools. “It’s a decision not made by police, but by school administration,” she explains. “We are apart of that conversation, but that decision is the school’s to make.” While the hold and secure was on, all staff and students were called inside, and no one was allowed into the building.

The investigation into the incident is on-going. Bigley says staff and students with “credible information” will be interviewed.