Bracebridge Transit and Bracebridge Mobility are running, but the town’s Public Works Department is reminding residents they are only to be used for essential trips.

“In order to protect both transit riders and staff, riders are being directed to only use the service for the purposes of accessing necessary destinations, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, schools and employment,” the town’s Director of Public Works Geoff Carleton says. 

Children under two and those under five that can’t be persuaded don’t have to wear a mask. Anyone with a medical condition or someone that has trouble breathing, people who can’t put on or remove a mask without assistance, and those who can’t wear a mask for cultural or religious reasons are also allowed to not wear a face covering.

Hammond Transportation and the town of Bracebridge have gotten together to increase safety measures for anyone taking a trip. That includes increased sanitation of touchpoints on busses and ensure everyone can and do stay six feet apart. To help with that, during the winter only eight riders will be allowed on Bracebridge Transit and two on Bracebridge Mobility.

The town suggests riders be more flexible with boarding times.