BRACEBRIDGE, ON-The thieves involved in the theft of dirt bikes from Bracebridge Yamaha have been caught.

Co-Owner of Bracebridge Yamaha, Joanne Franklin, told MyMuskokaNow that the thieves were caught about 48 hours after the initial break-in on May 20th after they stole five new 2020 dirt bikes.

Only three of the bikes have been returned to the store, however, while the OPP has reportedly found parts of the remaining two. 

After this event, Franklin said that they plan on increasing security by installing security cameras inside the store and setting up a metal gate to slow any potential robbers.

While happy they were able to get their property back, Franklin said that she just really wanted the thieves to be apprehended and that the whole ordeal made them feel violated.  

Franklin is thanking everyone who offered support by sharing the theft on social media, and without their help, they may not have been able to catch the thieves. 

Police laid multiple charges against the three thieves from Innisfil, including theft of over $5,000, trafficking property obtained by crime and breaking and entering. 

One of the thieves appeared for his bail hearing on May 22nd, while the other two are set to appear in court in late July.