BRACEBRIDGE, ON-People can expect to see a slight increase in their taxes for 2020.

Council met on January 14th to talk about the 2020 budget and according to Mayor Graydon Smith, the council, after doing its research, determined that increasing taxes will help with the operating budget.

Smith said in an interview with the newsroom, that the 0.1 percent increase will only amount to an additional $1.72 in people’s taxes.

He said that this will help with major projects like the new Multi-Use Community Centre and that it does not require a huge tax increase to make it happen.

When asked if this budget increase will make a huge impact on what the town can spend, Smith said that he and the council will remain fiscally responsible and be aware of what they can use the money for.

He said that most communities struggle to keep increased taxes around the cost of living, but “due to some long term planning,” the town will be able to manage the slight bump.

Council is set to adopt the budget plan at the next meeting on January 29th.