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New vehicle allows paramedics to reach hard-to-access locations

Muskoka Paramedic Services (MPS) is showing off its new remote response vehicle (RRV). 

According to a presentation during the Feb. 22 District of Muskoka Health Services Committee, $89,500 was budgeted for the project with Rowland Emergency Vehicle Products Inc., based in Toronto, Ont., building the RRV. A grant of over $40,000 from Firehouse Subs allowed them to purchase a canopy, tracks, and a trailer. 

Stuart McKinnon, deputy chief of MPS and emergency management, said the need was identified during the major flooding that many parts of Muskoka dealt with in 2019. “We didn’t have a vehicle in the district’s fleet that could go through water, around water, traverse rough terrain or areas like that so we realized we needed to do something,” he explained. 

He said MPS has great partnerships with the area’s fire department, pointing out they share a building with the Bracebridge Fire Department. However, each department has varying resources so he said it was important MPS has something they can consistently deploy. 

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A trailer was also purchased to transport the RRV since McKinnon noted it’s nowhere near as quick as an ambulance. 

The RRV features a heated interior and a rear area similar to what an ambulance has. “A lot of thought went into making the vehicle safe and comfortable, especially in the back for patients,” said McKinnon. 

He added it can be used all year and can protect occupants from all weather conditions “and bugs.” 

McKinnon jokes “there’s still a little bit of green” on the vehicle since it has a John Deere chassis. It seats two with enough space in the back for paramedics to move around while helping a patient. As well, McKinnon said there is plenty of padding and a roll cage. 

“It could be deployed, if needed, today,” he said. 

So far, nine with MPS, including himself and Jeff McWilliam, chief of paramedic services and emergency management, are certified to use the RRV. 

On top of allowing MPS to get to out-of-reach issues, McKinnon said the RRV will be used at large outdoor events like the Bala Cranberry Festival. 

“It’s not only a cool thing to look at but it truly does help us access patients more efficiently and it’s a great addition to our capabilities in Muskoka,” said McKinnon. 

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