Some local Chambers of Commerce are letting you know that yes, you can find “it” here.

A new ‘Found it In Muskoka’ campaign has been launched and it includes some local residents who will be sharing what you can find in our own backyard, and how important it is to shop locally.

Led by the Gravenhurst Chamber, the south Muskoka Chamber project was chosen from several applications for funding by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce because of its creativity in supporting locally, differently.

Officials say as a result, “hundreds of local businesses will see money spent directly with them.”

“As Chambers, we often hear stories of great service, amazing products, and wonderful business people who give back to our communities,” says Sandy Lockhart, Executive Director of the Gravenhurst Chamber. “So when the Ontario Chamber of Commerce offered us a chance to tell these stories and to invest directly into our community, we jumped at it.”

The campaign also includes taking residents on shopping tours, like one that happened on Friday, November 12, which highlighted Gravenhurst.

“We are pleased to be working with our Chamber Members to showcase what they have to offer everyone,” says Brenda Rhodes, Executive Director of the Bracebridge Chamber. “Once you go looking, I think you’ll be amazed at what you can find in South Muskoka. This campaign reminds us that you really can ‘Find It In Muskoka’ and you don’t need to go online. Unsure if you can find the product you want? Just call your local Chamber and ask. We believe 99.9% of the time you can find it.”

A big part of the campaign includes the community. Chamber officials say to watch for ‘Found It In Muskoka’ stories on your social media feeds and share them. And when you make a local purchase, tell your businesses that you’re proud to have “Found It In Muskoka”.

“It’s important to keep lifting each other up,” says Norah Fountain, Executive Director of the Muskoka Lakes Chamber. “Even those who were hurting the most during the pandemic have gone out of their way to help their corner stores and restaurants survive. Found It In Muskoka builds on that community spirit. We’re going to make a big splash and drive home the message that it’s all right here.”

A release says that as it is a Chamber-funded project (Chambers of Commerce of Bracebridge, Gravenhurst and Muskoka Lakes), the focus will be on Chamber Member businesses.