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HomeNewsFatal Lake Joseph crash occurred on the way home: OPP

Fatal Lake Joseph crash occurred on the way home: OPP

SEGUIN TOWNSHIP, ON- More information has been released by police about the fatal boat crash on Lake Joseph this weekend.

The crash occurred near Emerald Island in Seguin Township around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday night. One man, a 64 year old from Florida, was fatally injured.

A 48 year old woman from Markham also sustained critical injuries, and was taken to hospital.

The OPP has put multiple resources into the investigation of the crash, including forensic services and the marine collision unit. The investigation is being directed by Detective Inspector Martin Graham, of the Criminal Investigation Branch out of Orillia.

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On Monday, Graham told the newsroom that it was too soon to say whether or not alcohol played a role in the incident, though that question formed part of the investigation.

Graham stated that the two vessels involved were both pleasure craft, with both the Florida man and Markham woman on the same boat. The pair had been passengers on a 13-person vessel that was out for an evening cruise, enjoying the night sky and a fireworks display.

The other vessel was smaller, with the operators on the way back to their residence after having gone out for the evening. Graham described it as a “tow boat”, possibly of Mastercraft brand.

One of the boats was “definitely moving” according to Graham, but it’s not been determined if they were both in motion when the collision occurred.

Two people on the smaller vessel needed to go to the hospital after the crash, but have since been released. The 64 year old man was also a visitor to the Muskoka area, staying at a friends cottage.

Exact numbers for how many people were on both vessels at the time of the crash were not released by police. As for whether or not there is a criminal aspect to the incident, Graham indicated it was too soon to tell.

“Obviously, bearing in mind one person has lost their life, obviously it requires a complete investigation to determine the facts surrounding how this came about,” said Graham.

There is no timeframe to the investigation, but Graham said police will go as quickly as they can.

Police are asking anyone who may have been in the Emerald Island area around 11:30 Saturday night and saw the crash or has any information to call 1-800-222-8477, or Crimestoppers.

“If anybody, specifically anybody that was out on the beautiful Saturday night, if they were out overlooking Lake Joseph around 11:30, if they saw or heard anything, the police would welcome them to call us,” said Graham.

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