LAKE OF BAYS, ON – Flooding and ice damage had taken its toll on several boat launch facilities in the Town of Lake of Bays.

But with the nicer weather construction has been swift to get things back to normal service.

The Baysville boat launch at 3 North Road has just reopened as of noon.

Scott MacKinnon, the Superintendent of Parks and Facilities for Lake of Bays told the newsroom that the boat launch had been closed because the concrete slabs that make up the ramp had migrated.

They were moved back into place and secured for normal use as of today.

The Rabbit’s Bay Boat Launch (Highway 35 near the Dorset Tower) is open for normal service but the dock has been removed due to damage from high water levels and ice this spring.

A new floating dock will be in place this coming week, said MacKinnon.

Also, the South Portage boat launch (1415 South Portage Rd) is operational, but a portion of the dock is damaged and awaiting repair, again due to ice and high water damage. There is no estimate of when the end dock portion will be back in service.