It is an event in the backs of minds of drivers in the Muskoka region. Eventually, we will see that moose, deer or bear come charging out of the bush and onto the roadway and what you do in the next few seconds can change lives forever.

Experts advise that if you can avoid hitting the animal do that, but if the choice is hitting an animal or another vehicle, the choice should be the animal.

Sergeant Peter Leon of the OPP advises that if you hit an animal, you won’t be legally liable for it but it needs to be reported and if the damage is significant police will attend.

Sergeant Leon advises that if you see a deer run in front of you, don’t relax because there might be another one right behind it.

Often, if an animal has expired from the accident, it is possible to harvest the carcass for personal use. Sgt Leon advises there is some paperwork to happen before it can be taken away.

There are some remedies to try and avoid animal/vehicle collisions. One popular one available from most automotive chains is the installation of a deer whistle. The speed of your vehicle shoves air into the whistle, creating a subsonic whistle that can be heard a few hundred metres away by the animals.