(Photo By: Melissa Candelaria) Jessica Polson, 18, spent the night in this quinzee. This is her second year taking part in Chillin’ 4 Charity. 

Raising money for Hospice Huntsville is worth the 30-hours in snow huts. A youth group from the Muskoka Community Church spent the weekend outside Robinson’s Independent Grocers for their fourth annual Chillin’ 4 Charity. Youth Ministry Leader James Hunt says this is a creative way to support the community.

Hunt says they did a lot of training and planned ahead. He says they were well prepared.

Hunt says they also got a lot of support from community members bringing food and dry clothes. There were 11 kids and four leaders taking part. Hunt says they’ve come a long way since it started.

The funds haven’t been tallied yet, but Hunt says they are well on their way to surpassing $10,000 raised over the past four years.