Grade 3 and 6 Reading, Writing, and Mathematic EQAO assessment results are in.  Near North District schools showed literacy improvement in the Education Quality and Accountability Office in the primary and junior divisions.  The results for the schools across the Near North District School Board varied from school to school but the trends showed positive results in Grade 3 and Grade 6 Reading and Writing with five percent more students meeting or exceeding the Provincial Standard over last year.

Near North Superintendent of Programs and Schools Tim Graves says they are pleased to continue to close the gap between the Board and the Province in 4 of the 6 EQAO indicators for reading and writing, but mathematics continues to be of particular concern for our Board in both Grades 3 and 6.  Moving forward Graves says the board’s key numeracy goals for this year will focus on improving student’s perception of themselves as math learners along with teaching students to engage in deeper thinking about math concepts then learning to apply their thinking in problem solving situations.

Results of Students in Near North District Elementary Schools Reading and Writing:

  • 67% of Grade 3 students and 78% of Grade 6 students are now meeting the provincial reading standard, an increase of 11% and 6%, respectively, over the past three years.
  • 69% of Grade 3 students and 72% of Grade 6 students have met the expected level in writing. This represents an increase of 5% and 6%, respectively, over the past three years.


  • 52% of Grade 3 students met the standard in 2014 compared to 55% in 2012 and 53% in 2013, indicating a 1% decrease from last year.
  • 38% of Grade 6 students met the standard in 2014 compared to 51% in 2012 and 50% in 2013. This is a 12% decrease from last year.