The landing spot for the developed Fairvern Nursing Home in Huntsville has been approved by District of Muskoka council.

Council passed a resolution on Monday that will see the redeveloped nursing home be built on donated land on Centre Street. A previous plan to build the home on Earl’s Road fell through in August. The new land is being donated by the Cockwell and Doughty families.

“After careful assessment of the proposed donated site and comparison to other properties available for the project, we are confident this future site will meet the expanded needs of the larger resident home in the most cost-effective manner,” District Chair John Klinck says. 

When the facility is finished, it will have an additional 64 beds thanks to the provincial government allocating the extra beds in November 2020.

“Since the 1980s, the Fairvern Nursing Home has provided critical services to the residents of Huntsville and surrounding areas, and we recently learned that the District was in need of a new site for the expansion of this facility,” said Claude Doughty, who is representing the donors and also served as the Mayor of Huntsville. “The Cockwell and Doughty families are pleased to provide a five-acre serviced property on Centre Street that can accommodate the needs of the expanded long-term care facility and to help sustain the future of Fairvern for many more decades to come.”

The next steps for the project will involve approving various plans and updating supporting studies. Town officials estimate that the tender for the construction will happen in the fall with construction starting in 2023 and being finished by early 2025.

In the meantime, town officials say there are “a number” of projects underway at Fairvern’s current location on 14 Mill Street to “ensure the continued safe and efficient operation of the current home until the new home is completed.”

An information session is set to be held in October to go over the next phases of the redevelopment project and update operations at the current site. A more specific date for the meeting has not been released yet.