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Multi-use Utterson farm to help humans and horses

A multi-faceted farm that will eventually help rescue horses and humans is being created in Muskoka.

5 H Farm Canada is the concept of Krystyne Scagnetti who has a 130-acre farm property in Utterson. The five Hs stand for Horses, Healing, Harvest, Holistic and Harmony.

With a group of four horses, she is in the initial stages of creating a facility that will include Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL), a community garden, and the ability to bring in and rehabilitate horses that have been abandoned.

She is hoping the horses she has rescued and brought into her care will participate in the experiential learning, but she says that is down to the horse.

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“Not all horses want to do this work,” she explains. “Some horses just want to retire and be a horse.”

FEEL is an area of therapy for humans wishing to work through emotional issues by using horses through touch and non-verbal communication.

Scagnetti also hopes to create a glamping experience, the phrase coined to offer people glamourous camping options with tents featuring hotel-like accommodations and large size beds in an outdoor environment.

Currently, Scagnetti is in the early planning stages and has organized a Go-Fund Me page that she says is for the care and protection of the horses and not for setting up her other business streams.

She developed her love of horses as she grew up and after a time away has gotten back into this rescue aspect after spotting an animal in need on television.

“It was maybe seven or eight years ago I had gotten away from horses,” she explains. “That is when I saw Tango on a big screen TV and I knew instantly that he needed me and I needed him.”

Tango had injuries that required long term care, but a partnership was born.

Scagnetti hopes that those that cannot give financially will be able to help in other ways such as volunteering around the farm, working with the horses and tending the garden they intend to start in the spring.

“We have big plans for the future, so just one step at a time,” she says.

If you would like to reach Scagnetti you can send an email to [email protected].  To find the Go Fund Me Page click here.

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