Huntsville is taking a major step in getting local roads up to par. That was one of the comments made by Mayor Scott Aitchison at last night’s council meeting during a presentation made by the town’s Director of Operations and Protective Services Stephen Hernen and by Yard and Fleet Administrator Joe Nicholls.

Nicholls has done a total review of the town’s equipment, ranging from lawn mowers to large machines. That review looked at each piece of equipment’s use, and if it can have a duplicate use. Hernen says no money was spent on the fleet last year while the plan was developed, so now $1 million is needed for the next three years to keep it up and running.

When it comes to the roads themselves, Hernen outlined around $3.4 million is needed this year to finish work that started in 2017, as well as start some new projects this year if there is leftover cash.

Some of the projects that are being carried over are the redesign of Etwell Road, sidewalk replacement along Chaffey Street, and building a new road to Fairvern’s potential new location, off of Earl’s Road.