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Three-year project will improve drainage in problem area of Gravenhurst

An assessment by staff with the Town of Gravenhurst found there are some “deficiencies” in its stormwater system. 

Andrew Stacey, director of infrastructure, detailed the plan during the Feb. 13 council meeting. He explained it will see major drainage improvements made to multiple areas surrounding Musquash Rd. and McPherson St. over three years. 

After getting council’s approval, Stacey said next steps will involve a detailed design being drawn up before the town looks for contractors to undertake the job. 

He didn’t provide a firm timeline for when those steps will take place. 

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Stacey says this will bring them “one step closer to fixing nuisance flooding” on the road. 

“These flows are currently conveyed via a drainage network of ditches, culverts, and storm sewers that direct storm water across various roads and through private properties,” explains Stacey. 

Stacey estimates the construction will cost around $3 million, adding staff will keep an eye out for potential grants.  

The project will see climate-resilient infrastructure installed that Stacey expects will last at least 75 years. 

He admits what’s proposed is one of the more expensive ways to deal with the issue, it’s the least impactful way forward. 

“This is the ultimate decision that we feel is the best solution,” says Stacey. 

The idea for the project stems from a council decision a few of years ago when his department was asked to assess the stormwater system in Gravenhurst. He says they found Musquash and McPherson are “deficient.” 

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