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Reel Alternatives kicks off season of TIFF screenings 

Reel Alternatives Huntsville is kicking off its 24th season this week. 

The non-profit is bringing movies from the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) to the Algonquin Theatre at 7:00 p.m. on certain Mondays. 

Dan Watson, President of Reel Alternatives, says they have a little something for everyone, from comedies to psychological dramas. 

“What we’ve found is the audience for Reel Alternatives is folks who like to see a wide variety of different films,” says Watson. “Who just love films, and are okay with experimenting, going to see something different like Blackberry, versus You Hurt My Feelings, which is more of a romantic comedy. That’s what we appeal to, is the film lovers here in Huntsville, and those that want to see something different.” 

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This year’s lineup is: 

  • Sept. 18, The Miracle Club 
  • Oct. 2, Bones of Crows 
  • Oct. 16, Blackberry 
  • Nov. 6, Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret 
  • Nov. 20, Past Lives 
  • Dec. 4, You Hurt My Feelings 
  • Dec. 18, Jules 

Watson notes that Huntsville no longer has a year-round cinema after the Capitol Theatre closed due to the pandemic, making it especially important to give residents a chance to experience some movie magic. 

“We’re hoping that people will come out and enjoy films,” says Watson. “Of course they can watch it on their streaming services, but there’s nothing like being in a room with other people and reacting to the same moments, to feel that sort of shared emotion. That is the kind of communal experience that you can have in film. And to really celebrate some of the diverse voices that we’re bringing to the Algonquin Theatre.” 

Tickets are $10, saving you $25 from the standard TIFF price as well as a trip down to Toronto, and can be bought online or by calling 705-789-4975. 

“I think that our audiences over the years have come to trust our selections,” adds Laura Kennedy with Reel Alternatives. “Even if they aren’t aware of the films, or we’re presenting things that aren’t necessarily on the mainstream radar, they know that it’s something they’re going to value and enjoy.” 

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