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Gravenhurst’s fire chief floats idea to “beautify” fire hall

Murals could soon be featured on the front of the Gravenhurst fire hall on Harvie Street.

Fire Chief Jared Cayley spent about an hour talking to the town’s Youth Council Wednesday night. He explained the idea is to create four panels, that either completely cover the yellow panels on the front of the building, or could take up a smaller space if it turns out that’s easier to do.

This would be done, Cayley suggested, through a contest. He says it would involve local artists and youth. Cayley added that it could, if the teachers are up for it, be made part of the curriculum for art students. Once completed, he said judges would choose which designs are the best and will provide the winners with the materials needed to create them for the hall.

Jacki McPherson, who teaches at Gravenhurst High School, says teachers would be interested, but was concerned about how much work it would take. “We have murals all over the outside of the school now that were put in about four years ago,” she said. “It was a tonne of work, and took a tonne of time, and needed a lot of storage.”

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She also cautioned that this has to be done in a way that doesn’t take over the semester’s curriculum.

Initially, the theme would be about the fire department, but later designs could incorporate town history. “Just fire trucks would get boring after a while,” Cayley said.

“I want to see our fire hall take on more of a community appearance because it’s right in the middle of our community, the fire department is an integral part of our community,” Cayley told youth council.

McPherson brought up compensation, especially for local artists. “I wouldn’t want to take away from their income,” she said. 

Coun. Steven Klinck suggested a prize be given to the winners like Gravenhurst dollars or a prize party for the students.

“I have no timeline on when we do it,” Cayley said.

He added that this is likely the first of many meetings about this. “I appreciate the feedback I’m getting,” Cayley went on to say. “I’ll do some more research, do some more talking, and report back to this group.”

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