The District of Muskoka is terminating its curbside collection contract with Waste Connections of Canada.

This will be effective November 5th, 2022. District officials say this will not affect collection programs or the curbside pickup schedule.

“Council is committed to providing reliable and consistent service to our residents that aligns with the district’s waste strategy,” District Chair John Klinck said. “It is essential that we meet the needs of our communities now and into the future, and a new contract is necessary to do that.”

The search for a new curbside collector will begin later this month with a contract awarded by the fall. “This will allow adequate time for a new contractor to mobilize and provide this essential service to our community,” Commissioner of Engineering and Public Works Fred Jahn said. 

Muskoka Lakes Mayor and Chair of the district’s Public Works committee Phil Harding spoke to the newsroom in June about how Muskoka is projected to run out of landfill space by 2036. He detailed the report that was sent to council which included proposals for the district’s waste management program. “The scary part of our recycling and our landfill right now, my grandson who is two and a half years of age, before he goes to university, we potentially will fill up our landfill,” Harding said. “It seems like 2036 is a long way out, but it really isn’t that far out.”