The Rev Up Independence Donation Drive has rolled out with a goal of $50,000.

The funds will help Community Living Huntsville replace its aging wheelchair-accessible van, which is used to transport people to essential services such as medical appointments.

“Currently, the people that we support with developmental disabilities are being driven around in an oversized, cumbersome and pernickety wheelchair-accessible van,” says Community Living Huntsville’s Jennifer Jerrett. “The van itself is unreliable at times, but above and beyond that is not discrete. It’s like driving around with a huge neon sign on it that screams ‘look at me, I’m different,’ so we really want to get away from that.”

According to Jerrett, while most of the organization’s programs and services are funded by the provincial government, equipment is only funded by community donations. She says the van is vital in making sure no one in the community gets left behind.

“Our van is used every day, it helps people get from their homes to places where they can live, work, and play,” says Jerrett. “Everyone deserves to have access to a vehicle to meet their needs.”

The donation drive will be open for however long it takes to raise enough money for the vehicle, but Jerrett says she hopes the organization will be able to get the new van up and running before the winter. Donations can be made on Community Living Huntsville’s website.