The Road Rally Scavenger Hunt will be held in and around Huntsville from September 24th to 26th, and benefits Community Living Huntsville and Muskoka Victim Services.

Funds raised for Community Living Huntsville will go towards purchasing a new accessibility van to transport people with disabilities, according to Evening Satellite Club Chair Jennifer Jerrett, who is also involved with Community Living Huntsville. For Muskoka Victim Services, which offers free-of-charge crisis counselling, the money will go towards operating costs.

“A thousand dollars today is a thousand dollars they didn’t have yesterday,” says Jerrett. “We’re just trying to make a fun event for people to take in our beautiful topography, and give back to the community at the same time.”

The scavenger hunt involves solving riddles at a series of scenic locations around town. Participants will be able to submit photos of themselves on the hunt for a chance to win Algonquin Outfitters gift cards, according to Jerrett.

Registration for the event is $25 per motorcycle, and $35 per car. According to Jerrett, the event already has two $1,000 sponsorships, but is always looking for more to support the charities.

“They are amazing causes, that’s for sure, two causes that are making huge differences in people’s lives, right here in our community,” says Jerrett.

To register for the event, contact the Rotary Club of Huntsville Evening Satellite Club.