The Huntsville Hospital Foundation (HHF) is seeking $5 million to replace and upgrade diagnostic equipment over the next few years.

The Focus on Imaging campaign will fund diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound machines, blood pressure monitors, and x-ray suites for the Huntsville District Memorial Hospital Site.

“These are huge-ticket items, but every hospital needs these types of equipment to be able to diagnose illnesses of all kinds,” says HHF executive director Katherine Craine. “To have the most up-to-date technology is really important; to be able to treat a person’s illness and continue on a plan for their health, it’s important to get the proper images.”

According to Craine, ultrasound machines can cost upwards of $22,000, and a full x-ray room can cost $500,000 for the equipment alone. Craine says that while there’s nothing wrong with the current equipment, more advanced technology can give doctors the extra edge they need to catch illnesses early. 

“With technology, things change so quickly, these machines have definitely been put through the test over the last ten years and have done a great job, but it’s just time to upgrade,” says Craine. “[In] any hospital, equipment has to be updated at certain times, and it’s our time.”

According to Craine, Focus on Imaging will launch later in June, although a date has not been set. The HHF has planned fundraising events later in the year, such as a “Garden Art Tour” on July 24 and a boat rally on Lake Vernon on August 14.

Residents can donate to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation on the organization’s website.