A goal of $50,000 was set for Gravenhurst Against Poverty’s Coldest Night of the Year fundraiser, but they’re close to doubling that mark.

Co-Chair of the Coldest Night of Year Committee Beth Houston tells the MyMuskokaNow.com newsroom they’re currently sitting at just over $90,000 “with more coming in.” She estimates they had 160 walkers show up at different times during the day so COVID-19 protocols were followed. “It was so fantastic,” she says.

“The outpouring from the community has been amazing with all the support we’ve received,” Houston adds. Despite the on-going pandemic, she says everyone that showed up was enthusiastic. “I think people were excited about being able to do something to help other people and being able to do something out of their normal Groundhog Day routine,” she explains. 

The money will be primarily used to provide food to those that need it in the community. On average, Houston says they give out 600 meals a week, “If people don’t have food they can’t really go about looking for jobs and enjoy their lives.” she says. The money raised will also be used to pay for a taxi ride for people without a mode of transportation and clothing. “We’re trying to help people get out of the ruts they may be stuck in,” Houston says. “We’re trying to help people better live their lives.”

While the event itself has already happened, you can still donate to the cause by going to Coldest Night of the Year’s website or Gravenhurst Against Poverty’s website.