The Mayor of Muskoka Lakes says council created a new strategic plan now as a way to bridge this term of council with the next.

Mayor Phil Harding explains a four-year plan will cover the last year of the current term of council, and the beginning of the 2024-2028 term. He says council wants to make sure what is done in the Township is proactive and not reactive. 

The plan lists four strategic goals: preserve and protect the natural and cultural environment, strengthen and diversify Muskoka Lakes’ economy, enhance and sustain public services and infrastructure, and strengthen key relationships.

“The goal of a strategic plan is to focus council and more importantly focus staff,” Harding says. “Heaven forbid there are 10 new councillors around the table after the next election.”

Harding adds that the plan is fluid so there is room for things to change if council deems it necessary. 

The Township’s strategic plan is available on its website.