Huntsville Firefighters are doing their part to make sure no one in the community goes hungry.

Over 40,000 pounds of food has been donated by the local fire department to the Huntsville Salvation Army through its 32nd Annual Project Porchlight Food Drive.

Major Neil Evenden with the Huntsville branch says the generosity of the community is overwhelming.

“My team here kept telling me what it would be like as this is my first year here and I kind of thought, maybe it will be nice – but I was overwhelmed with the stuff,” Major Evenden said. “I’m also exhausted because yesterday we moved it all into storage and my knees are not doing very well these days.” 

With 2020 bringing many struggles to the community and to residents, Evenden says it is great to see those who were in a position to help and donate come through in a big way.

He says he’s grateful to everyone who volunteered and he’s excited to do it all again in 2021. 

“It was a great experience and we look forward to bringing back those volunteers for next year,” he said. “The few of us who were available, we kept our team tight, they did a good job of processing the food and it’s all in storage. We are in good shape for the new year.” 

The Huntsville/Lake of Bays Fire Department is sending a big thank you to everyone who donated and helped make this year’s food drive a huge success.