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Local Artist Putting Christmas Lawn Pieces On Display

A local artist is looking to spread some holiday cheer with her Christmas lawn displays.

Sara West moved with her family from Innisfil to Muskoka three years ago and has since been trying to establish her work in cottage country through her Air Art and Nature’s Drama Art Studio.

West’s work includes portraits of people and animals, art murals featuring wildlife, driftwood art pieces, and other unique trinkets.

Most recently, she has temporarily shifted her focus to more of a Christmas theme which has featured plywood cut-outs of characters like the Grinch and other festive ideas.

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West says she’s unsure of what other designs she’ll brainstorm but she particularly enjoyed putting the Grinch together.

“It would be cute to do Santa or Frosty but it was the first time I’d done the Grinch and the first time is always fun. I haven’t done that many pieces like this so, they’re just fun. I like working with wood and painting so for me, it’s two fun things and the best of both worlds.”

West got into art through her mother and has been working as an artist for 28 years – 25 of those full-time.

With the holidays just around the corner, she felt now was the perfect time to offer these Christmas themed pieces to any residents who want to spice up their display.

West explains what goes into putting these lawn pieces together.

“I start with Crezon plywood – which is used for road signs, so it’s pretty durable. I sketch what I’m going to paint and then I cut it out with a jigsaw, sand the edges and then prime it, paint it and clear coat it. Then it’s good to go.”

West says anyone who’s like to check out the pieces or if they’re interested in purchasing one – they can contact her via email.

She can also be reached through her Facebook page.

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