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MP comments on proroguing government

Following a first-ever move for the Trudeau Government, the Member of Parliament for Parry Sound Muskoka is voicing his concerns about the government temporarily shutting down. 

MP Scott Aitchison said proroguing the government basically means resetting all legislation that was in the process of being looked at and committees. 

Until September 23rd, Aitchison says all government legislation and committees have ceased to exist until they can be reintroduced.  

“Effectively, what this means is that they are trying to press the reset button and hope the people will forget about the first part of this government.”  

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This move also releases parliamentary members from their duties until this date as well. 

CTV reports that this move was enacted so that the minority government can meet and discuss the eventual recovery from COVID-19. 

Aitchison, however, voiced his doubts and linked this total closure to the recent scandals that have arisen like the WE Organization funding and the replacement of the Finance Minister. 

He also notes it’s been a difficult summer for the Federal Liberals.

“They went from being very popular in the early days of the COVID-19 situation where they were, I think, reacting fairly well, and now they are tied with the Conservatives who don’t have a leader yet. So I think they are concerned about that.”

Aitchison speculates the fall out with the previous Finance Minister Bill Morneau wasn’t just in relation for the ethical lapses with WE, but also him being “the only adult in the room in the cabinet and the only one really with a dissenting voice against the Prime Minister when it came to spending like drunken sailors.”                  

He says with this move, there is a possibility the current Trudeau Government could fall later this year if the party loses a confidence vote which could trigger a general election.  

Aitchison adds he is waiting with a fainted breath to see what is going to happen.

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