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Turning a hockey arena into a world class curling rink

Huntsville’s Don Lough arena is looking a bit different this week. The hockey arena has been transformed into a curling rink; complete with four sheets, painted lines, and scoring cards. It’s all for the 2018 men’s tankard, a provincial curling championship that sends the winner to next month’s national championship, called the Brier.

Curling ice is very different from hockey ice, mainly because it is pebbled. That means frozen drops of water are on the surface of the ice, which helps to reduce friction and let the rocks slide all the way down the 145-foot long sheet.

Darrin Sinclair is the Head Ice Technician for the Tankard in Huntsville this week. He says the transforming the hockey ice into a curling rink starts with the paint.


Sinclair says pebbling the ice requires a gravity-fed piece of equipment, which has holes in a copper head to spread the water out evenly. He also notes the outdoor temperatures will play a factor in the ice conditions.


The men’s tankard runs until Sunday. Games continue today with three draws; 9:30am, 2:30pm and 7:30pm.

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