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July 4th, 2015

Tissue Culture IncubatorIn the past 8 years, Joe’s Team has been able to raise over $10 million for the Princess Margaret Foundation, but for people who have been affected by Cancer, we know that it still isn’t enough. This year Moose FM is fundraising to help purchase a Tissue Culture Incubator.

A tissue culture incubator is an essential piece of lab equipment that provides the necessary atmospheric and environmental conditions to support cell culture growth. Without this equipment, a researcher could not grow human normal and tumours cells in culture for study. Because it is unsafe and unethical to perform research on human subjects, the ability to study human cells in culture is the next best thing and the tissue culture incubator is an essential part of that research.

We want to raise $10,000 and need your help! Please join our team and help us raise money, or you can donate to the Moose FM Team below.

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