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Mornings with Kathy

So many to name!!

Who is your favourite Canadian celebrity??

MMMM back bacon

What's your favourite Canada only food?  

Good Day Eh!

What's your favourite Canadian stereotype?

The Raccoons is my favorite!!

What is you all-time favourite Canadian TV show?

On The couch with K-Fell!!!

K-Fell teaches Madison the intern how to go top cheese, bar down, and how to shoot a clapper!!!

How Canadian of you!!!

The Most Canadian thing you have ever seen or done?

Sending what where now!?

A Sandwich in space!!??

Man I love your shoes!!!

People always stop to mention my shoes!! What's something you own that people always compliment?

Well, I’m actually scared!

I would think The Goonies should be on that list!

What movie does your kid need to watch?

My TV Dad can beat up your TV Dad!!

Who is your favourite TV Dad?

Look At This Video isn’t it neat!

Hub Productions joins us to talk about their cool summer camp!!!  And tell me what me about an animal encounter you would hate to...

How do you beat it?

Tips on beating the heat when it's hot like yesterday?


What's the best worst invention of all time!!??

From our Neighbors to the south!!

Our new intern is from the USA!! So help us Canadian her up!!  

Wait You Haven’t seen Die Hard!!??

When Someone says "I haven't seen that movie" And you look at them completely different!! What movie is it?
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