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Mornings with Kathy

Mom and Dad how could you!!??

I had the worst mullet as a kid!

How do you deal with it?

When it gets humid how do you cool down?

It happens a lot here in Muskoka

Tell me about your celebrity sightings!

First gas and NOW THIS!!??

So a price hike on the greatest tastiest treat, bacon is coming!!! Will this affect your bacon buying habits?

The history of the hay bailer!!

A Couple has opened a Tim Horton's restaurant museum!! If you were to visit a weird museum what would it feature?? For me, the...

People still dress like that!!??

I saw someone rocking socks and sandals yesterday!!! What's a summer fashion faux pax That drives you bonkers??

What a star studded affair!

Billy Baldwin and John O'hurley join me this morning!! GONNA BE FUN!


I was in a store yesterday, that was filled with old GI Joe toys and Ninja Turtles toys!!! Both I loved as a kid....

What animal would you pick?

Shark week continues!! And if you could pick one animal to be celebrated for an entire week what animal would it be?

Should there be a age limit?

I saw a 10-year-old drinking a Monster energy drink over the weekend, should there be an age limit on buying those?

The Dog Days of summer!!

Talking Muskoka dog fest this morning!!! And what celebrity passing really upset you?

There is no other kind!!

I only buy name brand ketchup!! Is there an item that, no matter what, you won't "go cheap" on?

Just down right strange!!

Do you ever remember the weather being this bad?

I just can’t get into it!!

I can't get into Game Of Thorns!! Not my thing, whats something everyone loves but you just can't get into it?

What Celebrity would you like to see run Canada?

Kid Rock wants to run for senator of Michigan, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson wants to run for president of the USA!! If you...

They said free beer! I SAID WHAT TIME!!!???

The best or worst excuse, you have used or heard, to get out of helping someone move?

For two weeks my nickname was puke!!!

Strangest/ first job you ever had?

A badge of honor in my world!!!

Are farmers tans that unattractive?

Well that seems a little intense!!

What's something you love so much, you actually get mad when people bash it?  

Ahh give your head a shake!!

An old saying you would like to see make a comeback?

A man or lady crush is perfectly normal!!

Who do you have a man or lady crush on?


A huge yoga party in Bracebridge this weekend!!!

What to do with the kids?

How do you keep the kids busy over the summer vacation?

K-Fell work out update # 3

K-Fell and his personal trainer from the Northwood Club, Alison discuss his progress!!
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