MUSKOKA, ON-The Natalie Novak Fund is seeking donations to help with Barb’s Purple Bench Project that will commemorate the victims of domestic homicide.

One of the organizers of the project Dawn Novak told the newsroom that the project aims to remember the local women who have fallen victim to violence by crafting personal purple benches, “This has been in the works for about a year now and I heard about something similar to this being done in Halifax to remember a woman by the name of Barb Baillie.”

While speaking at a conference in 2019, Novak said she heard the story of Baillie who was murdered by her husband. As a way to remember Ballie, her family painted a bench and installed it in her favourite park. The colour purple represents those who have fallen victim to domestic homicide, “What if other victims of domestic homicide could have a purple bench that remembered them? What if purple benches were seen everywhere in Canada? What if every time a domestic homicide stole a life, a bench was placed? What would our cities and towns and campuses look like?”

The benches will be built for Muskoka native Natalie Novak who was murdered in Toronto in 2006, Lindsay Wilson who was murdered in Bracebridge in 2013 and Wendy Boland who was murdered in Bracebridge in 2017. “They were a part of our community, which has been deeply affected by each of these violent murders; loved one stolen from our lives by senseless acts of violence. It is unthinkable that their memory would not endure among us,” said Dawn.

If you are interested in donating to this project, visit the Natalie Novak Fund site here