HUNTSVILLE, ON-Huntsville Council is considering how they should go about reconstructing the town’s roads.

During Monday’s meeting, the council listened to a presentation of the project that is set to revitalize the area between Lorne St. and up to and including the Swing Bridge. This will include a complete rebuilding of water, sewer and storm services as well as a complete reconstruction of the roads.

The first option would see freshly laid asphalt along the streets and newly painted crosswalks, as well as new concrete at Kent Park. This would cost the town about $2 million.   

The second option that would cost the town about $3 million, would feature imprinted asphalt crosswalks and paving new concrete along the sidewalk on King St. and Town Square. Kent Park would also get the new layer of concrete and electrical outlets that will allow support for kiosks and multi-use activities. 

The last option presented crosswalks with imprinted asphalt, newly paved granite at Kent Park, street lights featuring a decorative style with electrical outlets and a layer of granite along the sidewalk on King St. and the Town Square. This would cost the town about $4.8 million.

During the presentation, Councillor Jonathan Wiebe made a point to say that this reconstruction needs to bring the feeling that people can linger on the streets and not feel rushed to get to their destination, “People need to be able to take a look at the scenery and enjoy what they see.” 

A community consultation session will be held on March 3rd at Partners Hall between 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. 

Architects Les Ranta and Sally Wang said that they are open to mixing and matching different features of each option to provide the ideal landscape for the town. If you are interested in voicing your opinions, you can go to Engage Muskoka here