GRAVENHURST, ON-Elexicon Energy is moving ahead with its scheduled tree trimming.

On December 12th, the arborist’s hired by Elexicon will begin the process to trim the trees surrounding the power wires so that service will not be interrupted.

In an interview with the newsroom, Kevin Philp an Asset Management and Planning Technician with Elexicon Energy said that the highly trained arborists should not interfere with service while they are working. “Even though it is the winter, we will be operating more closely to the centre of town so the trimming should not be a problem.

This regularly scheduled pruning around overhead lines runs on a three-year cycle mandated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).

The trimming will involve municipal and privately owned trees and there will be no charge to the owner for the work done and businesses should not be burdened.

The Trimming process is set to conclude by May 31st, 2020.